bizzWatch "A Company We Trust" recognises outstanding employers with the “Company We Trust” seal of approval. As a result of far-reaching rejections caused by the economic and financial crisis, with their consequent effects on the labour market, BizzWatch aims to offer young talent, graduates and young professionals new directions in their search for employers able to provide a safe future.

What is bizzWatch?

bizzWatch is an independent and professional opinion forum that offers employees the chance to evaluate bosses and businesses, and to pass on experiences with firms gained during practical training, holiday jobs or fixed company work contracts.

How does bizzWatch work?

In order to make comparison possible evaluations are conducted by means of a preset questionnaire offering the choice of a quick (2 min) and detailed (5 min) evaluation. The quick evaluation includes one question relating to five categories in each case, while the detailed evaluation features 22 questions in a total of six categories. There is the additional option of submitting individual comments in a commentary section.

The evaluations are completely anonymous and free of charge!

Who was bizzWatch conceived for?


  • bizzWatch aims to make a company more transparent for potential employees, thus making the search for a employer able to offer a safe future easier, as well as serving as an aid to choosing a suitable employer.


  • From the evaluations at hand employers gain an insight into the views of their employees, thus receiving a valuable feedback channel for their own company. Moreover, they obtain from them suggestions for improvements to the working atmosphere which can contribute significantly to the firm’s further development.

bizzWatch users trust SOLCOM

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