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We work worldwide with the best companies in their industry – everywhere expertise is required in the field of software development, IT, engineering and management consultancy. As a pioneer in our market segment, we bring a high degree of experience to bear in all relevant technologies and are well versed in the requirements of globally operating companies.

SOLCOM creates flexibility

Our clients are successful as first movers in the most dynamic industries in the market. Not infrequently their products define the technological state-of-the-art. We are familiar with their need for fast, flexible and tailor-made solutions and are able to deliver the most challenging technological solutions, even within a very short timescales – in every industry.

Best Practice


SOLCOM is building the answer

  • Increasing complexity: The increasing technological diversity that has spawned developments such as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, or the mobility of the future requires sophisticated high-tech solutions that call for know-how of unprecedented breadth and depth. This is where our broad portfolio becomes a success factor.
  • Markets gaining momentum: Increasingly, innovations are being developed in parallel. The first person with a mature product can achieve a dominant position. Our service prevent bottlenecks that can hold back development processes.
  • Specialisation: Many technologies require high-quality specialisation even in specific aspects. We also cover enquiries about cutting-edge know-how that are extremely difficult to resolve via the labour market. Conversely, we are also able, with our industry experience, to take a leading role in development processes.
  • SOLCOM was awarded as kununu Open Company
  • SOLCOM was awarded as kununu Top Company
  • SOLCOM is a Fair Company
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2015
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2016
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2017
  • SOLCOM is awarded outstanding emplyer by BizzWatch
  • SOLCOM encrypts with Comodo
  • SOLCOM ist vom TÃœV Süd zertifiziert
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