SOLCOM has been awarded the "Fair Company" Seal of Approval

Fair Company is an initiative of the journal „Junge Karriere“. It awards the „Fair Company“ seal of approval to those companies that undertake to adhere to guidelines for the fair treatment of university graduates. This means that no trainees are employed in full-time posts and no attempt is made to attract trainees with vague hopes of permanent employment. An adequate allowance is, morever, obligatory.

Fair Companies

do not fill full-time positions with substitutes such as trainees, would-be volunteers and guest students

The Berlin Employment Tribunal established as early as 2003 that a regular working relationship entails the provision of a service, as opposed to an internship, where the acquisition of practical skills and experiences is in the forefront. In Fair Companies trainees are not just cheap staff. They take on jobs and are integrated in a project, but they do not replace fully-fledged employees. Voluntary and trainee programmes are programmes for those at the threshold of their career for whom there is an training curriculum. Those taking up these posts in Fair Companies are paid a living wage.

do not promise a training programme to university graduates who have applied for a permanent post

To be quite clear: the argument that applicants first have to prove themselves in an internship does not exist in Fair Companies. The trial period functions to give companies and new employees a chance to get to know each other, something that also has its place in Fair Companies.

do not lure trainees with the vague prospect of a full-time position to follow

This rule relates directly to the last. An internship must not be a carrot held out for those at the start of their career. In Fair Companies existing training is not prolonged with the story that this is the way to a permanent position.

primarily offer internships for a professional orientation during the training phase

Internships should ideally be completed before or during studies. Fair Companies provide the conditions for bachelor students to get the chance to experience working life at an early stage. In Fair Companies a university degree is not a precondition for an internship. Graduates who apply for an internship of their own accord may take on an internship in Fair Companies too. Internships between completed bachelor studies and an intended masters obviously pose no problems. This also applies to students in a masters course, or in a second degree or postgraduate course.

pay trainees a reasonable allowance

What salary is appropriate depends on several factors. The duration of the internship plays a role, as do the previous knowledge of the trainee and the area of work. The recommendation to Fair Companies is to gear payment for internships lasting several months to the official student maintenance allowance rate, which since October 2008 has amounted to 648 euros. Fair Companies should pay at least 300 euros a month for an internship, with the exception of short tasters, and pupil and preparatory internships.

Fair Company

SOLCOM has been given the „Fair Company“ seal of approval

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