Setting personal standards

We are aware that the technology market does not stand still – continued existence depends on agility. We are familiar with dynamism and complexity in high-tech projects. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Our key to this is our team, our approach, proactive development, pragmatism and knowledge management that exploits everyone`s knowledge. For the success of all involved, we cultivate an open company culture that takes responsibility for each individual, be it in terms of qualification and training activities, development prospects on-the-job, or performance related pay. Our ambition is to discharge this responsibility.

Organic growth

We believe growth at any price to be the wrong course. SOLCOM grows from its own resources and, being an owner-managed company, is independent. Our goals are long-term, which is why we do not act tactically. By fostering values and customer relationships in equal measure, we create growth that is sustainable and ensures we are able to respond while remaining firmly grounded in our values – in the best interests of employees and clients.

  • SOLCOM was awarded as kununu Open Company
  • SOLCOM was awarded as kununu Top Company
  • SOLCOM is a Fair Company
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2015
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2016
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2017
  • SOLCOM is awarded outstanding emplyer by BizzWatch
  • SOLCOM encrypts with Comodo
  • SOLCOM ist vom TÃœV Süd zertifiziert
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