How we think

Linking common visions

The cornerstone of how we act as a company is influenced by one observation: the most important resource of the future is not material – it is knowledge. This conviction brings us together with some of the world’s best companies. With them we are developing what will decide tomorrow`s world.

Knowledge, how it works – pragmatic problem-solving ability – needs to be developed daily. Our strength is solutions in critical project phases. This spurs us on to be always ahead of technology trends. This proactive acquisition of knowledge enables us to devise a workable implementation at the critical moment.

We look to absolute reliability in every collaborative venture and in everything that we do. But in the process, innovation is never an end in itself and always a means to achieve quality. The striving for perfection is what unites our clients and us. Together we write success stories that shape the future.

What inspires us

People are the measure of things

Sustainable growth is only possible when built on strong values. As players in a market that is driven by people, we see ourselves as a socially responsible company. For us, technology is a tool for making our world a little bit better every day. As a pioneer in the industry, we reward the individual spirit of research and value people and brands who are prepared to take the next decisive step. Innovation arises in the mind. People are and will always be the critical factor.

How we act

Success is teamwork

Synergies arise when we are all pursuing a common goal. This is why we set store by the laying of a trusting foundation where respectful behaviour together with loyalty, fairness, keeping our promises and high expectations of ourselves themselves create an environment conducive to success – and which is fun.

We do not tolerate discrimination, uncooperative conduct, or bullying. We take responsibility for protecting human rights, both in the workplace as well as generally within our sphere of influence.

Our responsibility

Success with responsibility

Sustainability is inextricably associated with protection of the environment. We pay close attention to husbanding resources in the form of guidelines and implementation conformity controls and in the waste management and energy consumption arena. A core aspect is the use of modern, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

The focus of our social commitment is collaboration with aid organisation Plan International. In this context, SOLCOM has been sponsoring children in Nepal since 2002 and financing their training as well as a number of self-help projects.

  • SOLCOM was awarded as kununu Open Company
  • SOLCOM was awarded as kununu Top Company
  • SOLCOM is a Fair Company
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2015
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2016
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2017
  • SOLCOM is awarded outstanding emplyer by BizzWatch
  • SOLCOM encrypts with Comodo
  • SOLCOM ist vom TÃœV Süd zertifiziert
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