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SOLCOM it is one of the leading cross-sectoral technology service providers. We partner with globally operating blue-chip companies in the software development, IT, engineering and management consulting fields. Our product is innovation – a key factor in products that don`t just break into markets, but create them.

The globalised economy is resulting in decentralised structures and ever shorter development cycles: We have recognised this and are creating a flexible resource that is freely available to companies. Our high-tech solutions guide products past critical milestones to a successful introduction and optimised life-cycle – a tried and tested way of averting bottlenecks in development and unplanned cost increases.


  • Needs analysis
  • Project planning
  • Estimating
  • Development
  • Simulation
  • Prototyping
  • Construction
  • Implementation
  • Programming
  • Embedded solutions
  • System integration
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Product maintenance
  • Quality assurance and certification
  • Production planning
  • Ongoing development
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Third Party Management
  • Technology consulting

Effective knowledge management and a lively technical dialogue ensure that our cross-sectoral portfolio both in the engineering and IT arena generates usable synergy effects for clients. The interlinking of technology competencies also ensures that no task is treated as an isolated solution.

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Our many years of experience and mature processes enable us to deliver innovative solutions for all industries, even at short notice.

  1. Needs analysis

    With you, we analyse your precise needs and define the project goal as well as the required service.

  2. Proposed solutions

    Subsequent to our planning process you will receive meaningful and detailed proposed solutions within 24 hours of receiving your query.

  3. Selection

    Choose your options from among our proposals then select the desired range of services in a personal meeting.

  4. Support

    As soon as you have decided on a solution, we will capture this in a contract as you require and organise every aspect of the project. In the event of deadline bottlenecks, we will create the necessary capacity for you, fresh solutions if so required and provide comprehensive project support.

Quality backed by method

Anyone working with the best companies in their industry on an equal footing must not just define high standards but continue to develop them as well. We are passionate developers: We make no distinction between innovation and quality. Our basic principle: the little things are critical when creating something great. We operate a QVP that is embedded in each individual process step from the ground up and which is rooted in a strong feedback culture. Standardised client surveys, regular audits of our professionally managed processes, both external and internal, and an excellent working environment ensure optimal performance for our clients.

Active relationship management

  • A personal point of contact for all concerns
  • Sustained support by an experienced key account manager
  • Flexible partnership models take account of your processes
  • Project status can be viewed at any time
  • We proactively reflect technological megatrends in our service portfolio, which we are constantly strategically developing


  • Comprehensive technological and industry expertise
  • Interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Pioneer in the industry: Experience dating back to 1994
  • DIN ISO 9001 certified by TÜV Süd

Legal certainty

  • Standardised, quality assured contract management
  • In-house legal department
  • Regular performance of legal audits

As an owner-managed company we provide independent advice – our agenda is that of the client. As a pioneer in the industry, we set standards in accuracy and speed.

  • SOLCOM was awarded as kununu Open Company
  • SOLCOM was awarded as kununu Top Company
  • SOLCOM is a Fair Company
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2015
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2016
  • SOLCOM got the FOCUS Award 2017
  • SOLCOM is awarded outstanding emplyer by BizzWatch
  • SOLCOM encrypts with Comodo
  • SOLCOM ist vom TÃœV Süd zertifiziert
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