Pooled purchasing, maximum efficiency

There are a number of disadvantages to working with low-volume suppliers. Using them incurs considerable administrative effort, while legal certainty suffers at the same time; quality standards are also frequently mediocre – not an easy basis for predictable performance. Optimal supplier management requires a combination of knowledge, experience and capabilities; at the same time purchasing should be at competitive market prices accompanied by an increasing requirement for capacity and special knowledge.

Third Party Management (TPM) with SOLCOM enables you to standardise your purchasing of services by imposing consistent provisions on all providers. This is advantageous:

You minimise your administrative effort while perceptibly cutting process costs. We are with you all the way. With you, we define quality standards and ensure they are complied with. In addition, we set binding standards as regards competitive terms and conditions, legal certainty and transparent processes.

What we offer is never a one size fits all product but a solution that is tailored to your needs and processes. Get to know our Third Party Management specialists and have them explain where the potential for you lies.

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